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Language and Literature- Mr. Schaeferliterature1_s600x600  6th Grade- We started our study of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer this week.  Thus far, the students have enjoyed being transported back to the 1800s as we look into Tom Sawyer’s world.

7th Grade- Now that we have completed our coverage of our summer reading, we have begun reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  Hopefully this will spark great class discussion about the time period and the roles of race, social class, and gender specific to that region.

8th Grade- The students have almost completed Unit 1 in the grammar book.   This week we have been focusing on determining whether sentences are simple, compound, or complex.  The students should expect to be tested on this next week.

Language and Literature- Mr. Maddock

6th grade Writing and Grammar— The 6th graders performed pretty well on their first test in here, and that was especially true for those who pay attention in class!  They’ve started a writing assignment due Monday the 8th.  Ask them about it.

7th grade Writing and Grammar–  We’ve completed an initial run-through of the 8 parts of speech, which signals the likelihood of a test on, say, Monday!

8th grade Literature and Writing—The 8th grade is considering plot developments we’re encountering in Fahrenheit 451, and have begun to look more carefully for Bradbury’s use of figurative language.  They’re about to start annotating the text, too, one hopes.

Science- Mr. Short  dna-1370603787LgY 6th: There will be a test next week on the scientific method and measurements using the SI. Following this will be a few weeks of lab instruction.

7th: The students will be learning about cells and microscopic life in Ch 2 which we will begin on Monday.

8th: Digging right into geology the students will be learning about minerals. They will identify several minerals which will culminate in a practical lab test.

Language Acquisition- Madame RooksEiffel_Tower_Paris_Daylight_Blue_Sky_HD_Wallpaper_Vvallpaper.Net

French 6– Your students are all doing really well !  They are having conversations in French and we are well into our first unit of learning.  Ask your student to find out how you are today in French. Ask them to tell you goodnight in French when they go to bed this weekend.

French 7– Our review went well,  and we are going to move on to new lessons about going to school in French speaking countries (and here)  on Monday. Ask your students about the cup game!  Remind them to see me when they have questions or need some reinforcement.  I hope they are more comfortable with telling time in French now.

French 8– Just about finished with our review and we’ll be moving on to finish our unit on food and grocery shopping in French speaking countries.  Ask your students to show you the cup game for question words.

Thanks for your support!

Math- Mrs. Koehlerdownload

MATH LAB is back every Monday and Wednesday in Ms. Koehler’s classroom from 3:00pm – 4:00pm. For those of you that are new to Saint Mary’s middle school, this is a time for students to receive math assistance and ask questions on lessons that may be causing them frustration or difficulty.  We are so very fortunate that Mrs. Avram has returned to volunteer for a third year.  She also offers her volunteer services to students that may need private tutoring.  We are truly blessed to have her math and teaching expertise!!!

6th Grade: Please be sure to check your son/daughter’s Communicator for the recent math quiz grade recorded.  Be on the lookout for the Chapter 1 Vocabulary Quiz and Math Test next week (tentatively scheduled for Thursday and Friday, respectively).

7th Grade: Please check the Communicator regularly to see your son/daughter’s recorded math grades.  Be on the lookout for the Chapter 1 Test and Vocabulary Quiz next week (tentatively scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively). Math scantron testing, which is replacing the Terra Nova,  will be next Thursday for 7-2 and on Friday for 7-1.

8th Grade: We are studying the properties which allow all the moves in Algebra.  The students find some of these properties like Symmetric and Reflective can be easily confused.  It is important the students have a clear understanding of these properties in order to be successful on the upcoming Chapter 1 test next week.  The students will also have a Vocabulary test next week. Math scantron testing for both 8-1 and 8-2 will be on Wednesday, 9/10. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to teach your inquisitive children.  My goal is for them to see the beauty in math through nature and all that surrounds us in our daily life.

Math- Mrs. Schiavo

Sixth Grade Pre-Algebra Last week we studied patterns and I used this opportunity to stimulate the  students’ enthusiasm for mathematics by exploring the Fibonacci Sequence.  We determined the sequence, used the graphing calculator to find and then talk about the patterns formed by the sums of their squares, found Fibonacci numbers in nature and ended the lesson by forming rectangles whose dimensions were Fibonacci numbers.  This led to a discussion of the Golden Rectangle / Ratio.

Individuals in Societies- Mrs. Tuskey       world-history-map

6th Grade US History Next week we will discuss the early Americans and Native American culture groups. The students will also explore the Aztec, Incan, and Mayan civilizations. The students will get their graded Chapter 1 tests back by the end of the week.

7th Grade US History The students begin next week with a test on Chapter 1. They will then study the reasons why the South seceded from the Union and the start of the Civil War. The students will get their graded Chapter 1 tests back by the end of the week.

8th Grade World Civilizations The students begin next week with a test on Chapter 1. They will then study the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Sumer, and Egypt. The students will get their graded Chapter 1 tests back by the end of the week.

Religion- Mrs. Slifka

Hello! Thank you for the many warm welcomes I received this week.  We spent the first 2 days getting to know each other and I am very excited about this upcoming year.   Many students shared their ideas and discussed ideas of what a fantastic year in Religion means to them.  I listened and plan on implementing many suggestions.  Please note that the curriculum for Religion has been updated this year- so it may be different to what you have seen in the past.

In order that this transition is as easy as possible, please make sure your child has what they need:  1 1/2 or 2 inch binder to be kept in the classroom and a composition book (if already purchased a notebook you may use that).  

Next week all grades will be learning the Memorare and should have this memorized by 9/30.  If they are ready to recite before that date- I welcome that!  The Memorare is another powerful Marian prayer that  reminds God’s people that Mary is our mother and that we can turn to her with anything.

We had some dramatic presentations today of the readings for this Sunday’s readings.  Please ask your child about it.  Please do not worry about quizzes and tests quite yet.  I am still landing- but will be certain to keep our students well informed about upcoming assessments.  If a student is concerned, they can always do the weekly extra credit that went out today.

I am truly looking forward to a year filled with blessings and spiritual growth for all of us.

Design- Mrs. Cloptonlarge-Desktop-computer-PC-with-LCD-screen-,-keyboard-and-mouse-66.6-1993

Grade 6-  Students will be having a quiz on the IB Global Contexts and the Learner Profiles.

Grade 7th and 8th –Students will be having a quiz on the IB Global Contexts and the new version of the IB Design Cycle.

PE- Coach Spicerballoons-and-balls

6th grade, the students began their Fall fitness testing for the first time.  They performed the one mile run very well, despite the hot conditions outside.  The students are continuing to finish the rest of their testing.

7th grade, the students have completed most of their Fall fitness testing, during this week.

8th Grade, the students have completed most of their Fall fitness testing,and will be finishing the mile run next week.  Also, the students will be starting the football unit, just in time for the beginning of the high school, collegiate, and professional leagues.

Music- Mrs. Taylor87-1265714548Otmq

**All Middle School students are to have brought in a 1 inch binder that will serve as their IB Music Process Journal throughout all MYP years at Saint Mary’s.

6th grade-Begin Music 2nd Semester. They may bring their Music Process Journals (1 in. binder) down to the music room to be labeled and stored.

7th grade-They have selected their “Music that Endures” project dates. We have also begun working on casting the Nativity and music which will be presented here in the church on the night of Tues. Dec. 16th 7-8pm.

8th grade-Religious Arts We have begun work on the Living Rosary which will be presented directly after Mass (approx. 9:45am) on Wed. Oct. 8th here in the church. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend if available.


Dates to Remember:

Monday: 8th grade tag day (the 8th of each month)

Tuesday: Middle School focus forum 7:00-8:30

Wednesday: School Mass at 9 am

Friday- First Middle School Dance