Language and Literature- Mr. Schaeferliterature1_s600x600  6th Grade- We have read over six chapters in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  There will be a quiz on Tuesday on the first four chapters in the book.  Next week we will begin our third unit in the vocabulary book.

7th Grade- We have read over five chapters in To Kill a Mockingbird.  There will be a quiz on Tuesday on the first three chapters in the book.  Next week we will begin our third unit in the vocabulary book.

8th Grade- We have wrapped up our coverage of the unit on types of sentences.  On the whole, the group did well on the first grammar test of the year.  Currently we are discussing nouns and how nouns can be classified.  Next week we will begin our third unit the vocabulary book.

Language and Literature- Mr. Maddock

6th grade Writing and Grammar— We’ve finished our first Unit, setting us up for a Unit Test on Tuesday the 16th.  I have been enjoying their wildly imaginative, though occasionally mispelled restaurant creations.

7th grade Writing and Grammar–  The seventh grade has their first section of the text completed, and will be working on a Grammar Poster project in the next week or so.

8th grade Literature and Writing—Now that we’ve finished our reading of Fahrenheit 451 (where the dystopian future of the early 1950’s is troublingly like our present) the kids will get a look at their first book test on Tuesday.  After the weeping subsides, we’ll begin our survey of literature by going back to the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Science- Mr. Short  dna-1370603787LgY 6th:The students are learning about using all of the lab equipment and measuring accurately.  Trying encouraging them to use the metric system at home. 

7th: We will be making Jello cells in class next week. Each students has been asked to bring in a specific food item to participate in the activity.


8thNext week there will be 2 tests. One is a standard (book) knowledge test on minerals. The other is a practical lab test that asks the students to identify several defining characteristics of minerals. If students feel they need more practice they can come into the lab during lunch or after school to use the equipment and practice identifying minerals. 

Language Acquisition- Madame RooksEiffel_Tower_Paris_Daylight_Blue_Sky_HD_Wallpaper_Vvallpaper.Net

French:   M.S. Quebec June 2015 is in the planning.  Please stay tuned for a meeting very soon!


Language Acquisition- Senora Thompsonhola

Spanish 6: We are learning our school supplies vocabulary this week.  They have so many words that they wanted more then just one week to learn them.  They will have a quiz on these next week.  They are very enthusiastic and always want to learn more!


Spanish 7:   We have started Unit 3 and they are “looking good”.  In this unit we review school supplies and then we begin clothing vocabulary.  Today they learned how to conjugate “ar” verbs in the singular form and they will soon be signing the “ar conjugation verb rap”.  We will have a quiz on school supplies next week and  “ar” verb conjugation the following week.


Spanish 8: We have reviewed everything from last year and have finally moved on!  We are learning about sports (soccer, baseball, basketball).  We will call my parents if we have any questions about baseball, as they are huge fans! As far as grammar goes, we will learn and practice stem changing verbs ” o-ue” and review “e-ie and u-ue”.  We will also be learning the verbs interesar, aburrir and gustar.  They will be able to talk about what they like and what bores them.

Math- Mrs. Koehler

Reminder: MATH LAB is being held every Monday and Wednesday (unless a half day) from 3:00-4:00pm in the middle school math room. Please keep in mind this is not a homework room or the place for students having success in math. This is a time for students needing assistance on math concepts or with math homework they do not understand in preparation for math assessments. The Lab can get very crowded and too loud if students who do not need this service are coming. Please be respectful to those who truly need this service.

Helpful websites for reinforcement and review:

6th Grade:I did a random notebook check this week to see how the new middle school students are doing with note-taking and organization.   I was pleased with most of the notebooks with just a few needing a bit more organization. Most importantly, I am trying to stress the importance of taking notes. I realize this is a new concept in middle school and it will take some time to get used to our expectations. Please take a look at your student’s notebook on occasion and stress the importance of the notes which are geared to provide them assistance with homework. Ask them to show you their notes on the Vocabulary Quiz review and what to expect on the quiz taken Friday. Ask them this weekend how they are doing on their Practice Test. Please try not to offer assistance on this as I use this as a guide to determine their readiness as a class for the test scheduled for Tuesday. We will go over it together on Monday and I will look to see how they scored. This is a very good indicator of how they will do on the actual test which is very similar. They all seem to be settled in nicely, but please contact me should you have any concerns.

7th Grade:The 7-2 group of students took their Scantron math testing this week. We are in the process of rescheduling the   7-1 class. We are very excited about this new online testing and the students seem to be enjoying taking them on the computers. The students took their Chapter 1 vocabulary quiz and test this week. I will be returning those papers next week. Chapter 1 was very important since the content was “the tools of Algebra.” We learned how to solve both numerical and algebraic expressions and equations and topped the chapter off with some statistics on graphing scatter plots. I assessed the students several times on their mastery of the properties which allow all the legal moves in Algebra. Chapter 2 should be a review on all the operations of integers adding in the concept of absolute value. It is essential your student master the integer rules to be successful going forward in Algebra. Ask your son/daughter to share the rules of integers with you to see what they remember.

8th Grade:The 8th graders tackled the new Scantron computer testing head on! It was very pleasing to see the devotion the students displayed in their diligent efforts put forth on the test. They worked very hard trying to master each of the problems presented. I am sure their conscientious efforts will pay off.

Most of the students in both Algebra classes scored well on their math vocabulary quiz this week. Ask to see it—should be recorded in their Communicator and kept in their math tests/quiz section of their binder. I will return their Ch. 1 math computation test next week. We are going to quickly move through Chapter 2 since the concepts are just review of integer operations. The students should have mastered these skills last year. We will continue to work on problem solving skills while learning how to utilize Algebra to write equations and formulas.

Math- Mrs. Schiavo

Sixth Grade Pre-Algebra: This week we started Chapter 2.  Chapter 1 dealt with whole numbers.  In Chapter 2 we are extending the real numbers to include integers.   We ended Chapter 1 with another activity using the Graphing Calculator.  This time we entered data into the calculator and created a scatter plot on a coordinate plane.  Based on our scatter plots we were able to determine whether the data showed a positive, negative or no relationship.

Individuals in Societies- Mrs. Tuskey       world-history-map

6th Grade US History:  The students will continue their exploration of early Native American cultures by studying the Aztec, Incan, and Mayan empires. There will be a test on chapter 2 toward the end of next week. As usual, a study guide will be provided.

The students are encouraged to dress in red, white, and blue on September 17th for Constitution Day.

7th Grade US History:  The students will continue their study of the Civil War. There will be a quiz on the first half of the Civil War by the end of next week.  As usual, a study guide will be provided.

They are encouraged to dress in red, white, and blue on September 17th for Constitution Day.

8th Grade World Civilizations:  The students will continue their exploration of the civilizations of the Fertile Crescent and ancient Egypt. There will be a test by the end of next week.  As usual, a study guide will be provided.

As we study the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, we will be making connections to current events in the Middle East. I encourage the parents to talk with their child about these current events, perhaps even watching or listening to the news together.

They are encouraged to dress in red, white, and blue on September 17th for Constitution Day.


Religion- Mrs. Slifka13136991231259024590Mary Mother of

All grades:  Prayer for September to memorize and understand:  The Memorare (this is in the Jesus Journal)  To recite before 9/30 (graded).  We have discussed the need to listen to God’s calling

 6th: working on Mary is the Mother of God and the structure of the bible:  20 vocabulary words and outline of CH 2 & 4 Quiz next Friday 9/19.  We will review in class Monday and Thursday.  Flashcards should be completed by Monday- if needed they can complete these over the weekend.  Jesus Journals will be collected and graded next week.   Rubric and Assignments will be glued into the journal.

7th: working on the Structure of the Mass;  discussed the importance of learning to hear God speaking to us in the mass.  Matthew Kelly video explained trying to find one thing in the mass to work on and write it down.  Listen with the Holy Spirit to guide you to hear God in the mass.

8th: working on good decision making and life choices;  watched a video on using a spiritual GPS and having God re-calculate when we get off the path.  Stop and focus on Christ to get back where God wants us to be.  focused on the scriptures for mass.  Saint to know 3 facts about is Joan of Arc (in Jesus journal)


Design- Mrs. Cloptonlarge-Desktop-computer-PC-with-LCD-screen-,-keyboard-and-mouse-66.6-1993

Grade 6– Students will be introduced to the IB Design Cycle.  Students may also be introduced to first in class project.

Grade 7-Students will be introduced to their first in class project.  Students will be learning about another country and creating a poster on that country using the Design Cycle.

Grade 8- Students will be starting to brainstorm topics related to their IB Community project.  Students will continue to write in their process journal on Managebac.

PE- Coach Spicerballoons-and-balls

6th grade:  The students began their Fall fitness testing for the first time.  They performed the one mile run very well, despite the hot conditions outside.  The students are continuing to finish the rest of their testing.

7th grade: The students have completed most of their Fall fitness testing, during this week.

8th Grade The students have completed most of their Fall fitness testing,and will be finishing the mile run next week.  Also, the students will be starting the football unit, just in time for the beginning of the high school, collegiate, and professional leagues.

Music- Mrs. Taylor87-1265714548Otmq

**All Middle School students are to have brought in a 1 inch binder that will serve as their IB Music Process Journal throughout all MYP years at Saint Mary’s.

6th grade: Begin Music 2nd Semester. They may bring their Music Process Journals (1 in. binder) down to the music room to be labeled and stored.

7th grade: They have selected their “Music that Endures” project dates. We have also begun working on casting the Nativity and music which will be presented here in the church on the night of Tues. Dec. 16th 7-8pm.

8th grade: Religious Arts We have begun work on the Living Rosary which will be presented directly after Mass (approx. 9:45am) on Wed. Oct. 8th here in the church. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend if available.

Art-Mrs. Dunhamenrollment

6th grade: :   Sixth grade art students are adjusting well to MYP Visual Arts.  I am pleased that most are keeping up with their weekly homework assignments.  We have been working on a landscape painting emphasizing the use of tints and showing depth on the picture plane.

7th grade: Seventh graders will begin art second semester.  They will need a hardbound sketchbook if they did not save theirs from last year (available at A.C. Moore or Michael’s).  Many students left their books with me to store at the end of sixth grade.

8th grade:   Eighth grade students  are completing their “Micrography Self-Portraits”.   They are drawing their own likeness using nothing but words. They are looking great!

Service- Mrs. HeishmanSaint Mary's Church Logo

“Parents, please remember to check your emails regarding Service Opportunities. Please don’t have your child wait until the last minute to meet their Service requirement of 25 hours per school year. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Heishman at


Dates to Remember:

Wednesday: School Mass at 9AM

Wednesday: Constitution Day-Saint Mary’s School celebrates Constitution Day by gathering at the Flagpole for prayer, pledge of allegiance and patriotic activities.  This is a red, white and blue tag day.  Tag day donation is $3.00 and is used to supplement the social studies and history program texts and materials. Appropriate Mass day attire required.

Friday:  Interim Reports