Please see MS supply list under our parents tab on our website.

Pencil Pouch Supplies
Pencils Ticonderoga 1 dozen, replace as needed
Colored pencils 12 count
Pens Red, blue black 2 each, replace as needed
Highlighters Pink, blue, yellow 2 each, replace as needed
Flash drive 1 for technology
Glue Sticks 2 packs, replace as needed
Binders 1 inch 3 ring 3 total-

Technology, Music, Myp

( may reuse every year)

1.5 inch -2 inch 3 ring


2  inch- 3 inch 3 ring


2 total– AM/PM binder for one in the morning, and one in the afternoon OR

Some students prefer to use 1 binder for all day

Ones with pockets work well, but not required 42- will use for all classes, and can be reused each year. See attached paper for Binder set up. Grades 7 and 8 may already have some dividers and wont need them all.  All new students will need 42.
Loose Leaf College rule paper Kept in binders for classes, replace as needed
Graph paper ¼ inch grid Replace as needed for math
 Black and white Composition notebooks 3
Index cards
3×5 ruled white 7 total

1 for social students

6 for Spanish/French

3×5 ruled color 1 for Spanish/French
5×8  ruled white 1 for Spanish/French
4×6 unruled white


4×6 unruled color



1 for Art
Other Supplies needed
  Middle School Assignment Pad Can pre-order before school starts or purchase when school begins ($5.00)
Markers-Crayola Classic colors 10 count Name on box to Religion
Dry erase multi color pack Name on box to Spanish/French
Pencil pouch 2 total- 1 to hold daily supplies

1 to hold Rosary

Protractor 1 with in/cm
Ruler- 6 or 12 inches  inches and cm.
“O” rings 1 pack for Spanish/French
Ear buds or headphones For in class use
Sketchbook- hardback with spine (no spiral) Art class, will reuse sketchbooks each year,
Brown paper bags to cover books


Book Covers

5 total- Science, Math, Social Studies, Spanish/French
Paper Products (grape specific)
Hand wipes 1 total       6th grade only
Baby wipes 1 total      7th grade only
Clorox wipes 1 total      8th grade and 6th grade
Paper towels 1 total       7th grade
Hand soap 1 total       8th grade




Class Binder Dividers
Science  Student Binder(s) 1-label Science
History Student Binder(s) 5 total –Label 1 History with 4 more behind
Math Student Binder(s) 5 total- Label 1 Math with 3 more behind
Grammar Student Binder(s) 1-label Grammar
Literature Student Binder(s) 1-label Literature (Lit)
Spanish/French Student Binder(s) 6 total- Label 1 Language with 5 more behind
Religion Student Binder(s) 1-label Religion
MYP Communicator 4 total- Label Art/Music, Design, PE, MYP
Design Design Binder (stays in class) 8 total- wait for class to label

6/7 can reuse, 8th grade will need new for Community project.

Music Music Binder (stays in class) 5 total- will label in class
Religion Religion Binder ( stays in class) 5 total- will label in class
42 total dividers- can reuse each year if able.