Saint Mary’s school requires students grades 6 – 8, to take mid-term and final examinations in Religion, Social Studies, English, Science, Mathematics and either Spanish or French.  Examinations are given at the appropriate level of the class being taken.  Examinations are scheduled for 90 minutes each.

Examination grades are a weighted factor in the calculation of the final grade.  Weight of the examination is determined by Diocesan guidelines, current practice is 20% of the semester grade.

Parents are advised that middle school examinations are an important part of a student’s summative assessment, and school practices require that students adhere to procedures designed to insure fair, consistent and accurate administration of the exams.  Please note the following:

Exams may not be administered in advance of the scheduled examination time.  This is both to insure students have equitable time for preparation as well as insure teachers are prepared to administer a high quality assessment.  Teachers are ethically bound to insure the security of examination questions with a responsibility to prepare alternate assessments if there is an opportunity for a student to share the content of an exam with others.

In the event a student misses an examination, teachers have the sole responsibility of determining how to manage the missed exam.  Due to the variability of the circumstances and environment of the testing based on subject matter, options chosen may vary by teacher.  Options include, but are not limited to:

  • assigning a zero to the examination
  • calculating the final grade absent the inclusion of the examination (most often used when a long term illness is involved)
  • scheduling a make up examination at the convenience of the teacher
  • offering an alternative assessment equal in complexity and content covered.

An important consideration, especially for final examinations, is that teachers are on vacation immediately following the last day of school.  There is a high likelihood that scheduling alternative times and examinations will be constrained by a teacher’s availability.  In the event a teacher’s last day of employment with Saint Mary’s School is concurrent with the last day of the school year the principal will assign the responsibility of completing the exam to another teacher.  Graduating 8th grade students will be at a considerable disadvantage if the examination is not completed timely – a factor that should be included in the decisions related to absence from an exam.