The study and mastery of mathematical concepts and skills is a highly sequential learning process.  Students build upon previously mastered mathematics content, and success is contingent upon a solid foundation of understanding and computational abilities.  Saint Mary’s has developed a sequence of math courses in the middle school with a priority of meeting student needs, allowing for differentiated instruction, and dovetailing with high school offerings.  An explanation of the Middle School Mathematics Course Sequencing outlines both the recommended sequence, as well as opportunities for accelerating instruction at very specific phases of the sequence.

The Qualifying Examination for placement in the 6th grade Pre-Algebra course is given on the first Monday in August at 10:00 AM.  The test is designed to test mastery of sixth grade mathematics concepts and skills, as defined in the Diocesan Consensus Curriculum for 6th Grade Mathematics.  Saint Mary’s implements the curriculum utilizing the McGraw Hill /Glencoe Mathematics text Mathematics – Applications and Concepts, Course 1.  ISBN 0-07-829631-5.  the 6th Grade Skills Test Specifications provide information on the number of questions on the test representing each topic, weigh of each topic covered, and time allotted for the test.