The Middle School Final Exams schedule is here.  Please read our helpful hints and specific information. Please keep in mind that Middle School Exams prepare students for taking exams in high school and college courses.  Developing good habits now will help to insure future success.

Exams will take place starting Thursday May 25, Friday May 26, Tuesday May 30 and Wednesday May 31.

Please help your student(s) prepare for the exams by reviewing the material for each subject, getting a good night’s sleep, and having breakfast before arriving on time for school each day.

The students will take two exams each day, and will have time for a snack and a break between sessions, as you will see on the schedule.  If you choose to take you student home after the second exam to study,  you may sign them out at the front of the school.  A teacher will be at the front of the school with a sign out sheet.  Please make sure a note is emailed to the office if your student will be leaving with someone other than their parent.

If you student chooses to stay for the afternoon, he or she will be placed in a supervised study hall until 2:50.  After that time, he or she should be picked up or go to ASC.

Thank you for partnering with us to teach the students how to prepare for the exams.  Please encourage them to prepare, and to remain calm during exam week.  Remember, the teachers are available for extra help if needed.