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By petition of the Student Council, and with concurrence of the Middle School Teachers, Saint Mary’s will schedule mid-term examinations for the 2014-2015 school year before Christmas vacation.
Mid term examinations are administered in Religion, English, French or Spanish, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science. In addition to providing an overall assessment of the semesters learning, mid-term examinations provide middle school students with the valuable experience of being assessed on material covered over a long term of instruction. The experience is designed to prepare students for taking semester and final examinations that will be a part of their schooling through high school and college.
All students are required to take mid-term examinations – there are no exemptions for mid-term exams.
Students are encouraged to prepare for semester and final examinations throughout the instructional periods. The final weeks prior to the examination should be used for reviewing previously learned material – not learning material that was presented earlier in the year. Students are encouraged to maximize their performance on the examinations by attending to sufficient rest, proper nutrition and time management. Prior to the examinations, teachers will encourage maximum performance by offering suggestions and tips.
The examination schedule will be provided by the teachers.
Saint Mary’s will review this change in the scheduling of mid-term examinations and will consider options for future years based on this year’s experience.

Exam Schedule:

Mid-term Exams December 2014 – updated