You are currently viewing March 5 Weather and Possible Decisions

The weather forecast from NOAA for the Saint Mary’s locality on Thursday, March 5 is:

Rain before 1pm, then sleet between 1pm and 4pm, then snow after 4pm. Temperature falling to around 29 by 5pm. North wind 9 to 11 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow and sleet accumulation of less than one inch possible.

Should this forecast be accurate, the plan would be to open SMCS on time Thursday morning, with dismissal at 12:30 PM.  Lunch would be served.  ALL students would be required to leave the premises at dismissal, there will be no provisions for staff to be present after 12:45 PM.  Failure to pick up children at 12:30 PM results in a dangerous situation for staff and families – please plan accordingly!

The decision to open on Friday would be based on snow fall amounts and the conditions of carpool lines and parking lots on site.

This is the plan that will be in place, so please plan accordingly.  Should weather conditions change, the website will be updated and media will be alerted to any change in the plan.

Please be safe!