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Our community is so active this school year! As we officially enter the fall season, many of our students compete in sports activities on the weekends (like this grade 3 coed soccer match, above). As families, we gather at events like the Go Forth! 5k that raised more than $13,000 for our school’s Annual Fund last Saturday morning. But going forth to love and serve the Lord doesn’t end at the run’s finish line.

As stewards of our faith, we must remain active participants in the spiritual life of our community and not become distracted by the return of busyness in our lives; lives that feel even more chaotic compared to the forced inactivity of 2020’s lockdown and quarantine periods. Father Mike’s homily at school mass on Wednesday reminded us of this when he proclaimed, “We are not called to be mere spectators of Christ’s work.”

Indeed, going forth everyday in God’s name should make us feel more than just active in a way that feels “busy.” Perhaps when we pause daily to pray together, we can ask for God’s wisdom to help us focus anew on pursuits that make us feel whole–seeking integrity in all that we say and do as disciples of Christ.