We will be counting the proceeds and determining the winning homeroom, and will announce the results on Tuesday, April 14th during lunch.

Due to the enthusiastic participation of all homerooms, the Fish Fry was an overwhelming success, and indeed the entire middle school won! Although a few complications (snow day, sell outs, etc.) created a bit of an “uneven” playing field, each of the middle school students joined in creating a very successful and profitable 6 weeks of Lenten Fish Fries. Thank you all for your efforts and creativity!

A very special thank you to the Morrisseys for providing the delicious meals, Mrs. Cooke, Mrs. Stottlemeyer  and Mrs. Sproull for “Just Dance” and Mrs. Heishman for making it all work!  Saint Mary’s is so very fortunate to have such wonderful volunteers!

In recognition of the success of the Fish Fries, all middle school students will “win” ice cream to be served on Tuesday, April 14th during lunch. Thank you to all!