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Don’t miss out on THE event of the year! If you still have questions about what to purchase, wear or expect from this year’s PTO Gala & Silent Auction event, check out this handy FAQ.

How do I purchase tickets?


You can purchase tickets, blinky rings, tag week, etc. here:

What are blinky rings?

Blinky rings are purchased to play the game heads or tails before the live auction. Each ring allows you one “life” in the game. You play the game heads or tails by standing up, auctioneer flips a coin and you have to chose to put you hands on your head or your tail. If it lands on heads and you chose head, you are safe. If not, you are out. If you purchased more than one ring, you used up one of your life’s and can keep going!

What is Tuesday Tag Day?

A well loved SMCS tradition is tag week, sold every year at Gala. This year, it’s with a twist! We are doing Tuesday Tag Days! We will have 4 tag days, on Tuesdays, post gala that students can dress in tag day attire and get a break from their uniform! Even if you do not plan on attending gala, this is worth checking out to purchase for your kiddos:

Do I need to wear formal dress?

No! We want you to come and enjoy! Yes, will some people be in tuxedo & long gowns, yes. But you’ll see just as many people in cocktail dresses and suits! The point is to come and have fun with our SMCS community!

What should I expect?

First of all, you should expect a good time! Fun, music, food, many auction items to bid upon, dancing, laughing and more! You will enter and enjoy the silent auction, move the seated dinner and live auction portion and end the night dancing away! It will be a wonderful evening full of fun!

What is the Beverage Wristband?

We know that when you get the gala, you just want to enjoy and relax and have fun. No one likes to remember cash or have to keep pulling out their credit card for the bar so, we created the beverage wristband. This wristband allows you unlimited non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages and also provides you with access to a fast track bar.

What if I don’t want to purchase a wristband?

Totally fine! We also have a bar for those who prefer to pay via credit card. Either way, you will be taken care of!

Can I invite my friends?

YES PLEASE–Everyone and anyone is invited! They do not need to be parents or parishioners; the event is open to all. The more the merrier!

How can I/my company sponsor the gala?

Thank you so much for your generosity! You can find sponsorships and packages here:

This post originally appeared in the PTO’s SMCS Community Facebook Group. Click above to request to join this private group moderated by members of the PTO. Many thanks to Elizabeth Singleton, PTO Vice President, for creating the content.