Our children will grow up to be givers, if we show them how to give.  Our children will grow up to be helpers if we show them how to help.  Our goal, with the Family Stewardship Program, is to show our children that helping can be fun, rewarding, and beneficial to the whole Saint Mary’s Family!

The Family Stewardship Program has launched!  With the enrollment contracts for the 2014-2015 school year, parents have agreed to volunteer 10 hours of time or pay $25 per unfulfilled hour, a maximum of $250 for the year.

School day examples: lunch duty, book clubs, Valentine’s Party, field trip chaperone, morning carpool duty, field day, mystery reader…just to name a few!

After-hours examples: Gala Committee, 5K Committee, PTO General Meeting, classroom preparation (i.e. playdough, photocopying, send in party treats)…just to name a few!

Beginning this month, we are tracking the hours that each family contributes to any school or PTO event.  We recognize that many will not fulfill their hours in just four months (perhaps your big event has past), but we anticipate 2-3 hours for the remainder of the year…at least! We want you to get into the habit of thinking about it.  We also want to see where parents are spending their time – our ultimate goal is to have the volunteer needs for all events and committees established for Meet the Teacher Day and Back to School Night, so parents can plan for the year!  For the remaining months of this school year, please print the form (link at the bottom of this message) and track your hours each month.  Send your form in to one of your teachers (just one per family).  We have a small committee who will be manually tracking hours for the remainder of this year.  We are hoping to have a computerized version available for next year, eliminating the need to print a form each month.

Many parents have asked, “Does the PTO just need money?  Is that why we are doing this?”  The answer is NO, we don’t want your money!  (Well, not exactly…)  The PTO does have some big financial goals including a complete overhaul of our playgrounds…a $70,000 investment for our children!   The “buy-out” option is available for those who would like to contribute, but don’t want to feel obligated to participate or volunteer throughout the year.  If every family chose to pay the fee, we would have over $70,000 per year, but have no events, no fundraisers, no real “family community” – and that wouldn’t be any fun!

What we DO need is your help.  There are many opportunities to do your part!  If we have full participation to make our events spectacular, the fundraising will happen automatically.  Saint Mary’s is already a great school, without a doubt.  It will continue along this path, if we work together as a school FAMILY and make it happen!

Family Stewardship – tracking sheet