Service to School and Community:


All students and families are encouraged to serve our school, church, and community, as well as each other.  In our lower grades students are called to serve their teacher and their peers through various assigned classroom duties.  As students mature in age, their service matures as well.  In the elementary grades, our students perform service through lunch room clean up duties, service during weekly liturgy, and various service outreach projects within the community.  Our fourth grade participates in a monthly service project with the elderly at St. Mary’s Woods nursing home.  In the Middle Years Program, our students are required to perform 25 service hours.  Our students are provided numerous opportunities to participate in service to the church, community, and their peers.  Students serve in the capacity of cantor, cross bearer, altar server, bearer of the gifts, and lector at our weekly masses.  Our students assist the parish in service at various parish sanctioned activities such as Annointing of the Sick, Hospitality functions, parish picnics, and various Knights of Columbus events.  We encourage our students to donate to the weekly mass collection.  These funds are donated to a chosen charity of the month.  In addition, Saint Mary’s students support our sister school in Haiti by adopting students.

Middle School service is required and valued, an important outreach for students of Saint Mary’s Catholic School.  Hours may be accumulated between the first day of summer vacation and the beginning of final exam week. Our MS IB Religion teacher will monitor and approve service hour submissions and records.   All service hours must be verified, documented and submitted to our religion teacher by the end of the school year.

Training of the sixth graders is experienced throughout the first semester by guiding  them in our software program (Managebac) during Religion class. This occurs through the first semester periodically putting in hours of mass buddies service that they complete.  Sixth graders may submit up to 15 hours and are expected to complete the rest of their hours on their own (total of 25 for the year).  This is due on or before April 30th.

  • Grades will go under a participation grade for all middle school Religion.
  • Seventh graders are expected to complete 25 hours and may use 10 hours of mass buddies service.
  • 8th graders are also expected 25 hours and may use 10 of their community service project.
  • Assessment includes the reflection of 1 paragraph per 4 hours and full understanding of how to use the ManageBac program.