You are currently viewing ELVES GONE GOOD?!

We’ll admit that it seems a *little* hard to believe, but we have quite a bit of evidence to show our naughty Elementary School elves have been impacted by our students’ good behavior. Apparently, while the elves have been watching and listening to report back to St. Nick, they’ve also learned a thing or two about the Season of Advent.

Based on the video and photos below, dare we say that they have turned over a new leaf in an effort to bring attention to our annual Children Helping Children Toy Drive?

Tis the Season for Christmas Miracles! Please consider rewarding the elves’ good(ish) behavior by sending a new, unwrapped toy for your child any time next week.

Donation bins are in every classroom through next Friday, December 10th and will be delivered to Sherbourne UMC by members of St. Mary’s Church Human Concerns Ministry and SMCS Middle School students in Girls Scouts Cadette Troop 5163.

Community members who receive vouchers to “shop” for donated gifts are also recipients of Sherbourne’s Food Pantry Ministry and are in great need of our support to make their Chrismas merry. We hope you will join us in praying for these families and encourage your students or grandchildren to be part of this annual effort!

The above photos were found uploaded on our Instagram account this morning…Yes, they took over our Instagram without Mr. Hess’ permission, but since it was for a good cause, we decided to let them share their story with you!

“We heard that there was another batch of beloved stuffies spending the night in the library again, so we tiptoed downstairs to tell them all about the Children Helping Children Toy Drive. What better way to spread the word than by enlisting an army of toys who belong to our awesome students?”

— Peppermint the Elf

“Ok, yes, we *did* climb on Big Bear to make our big announcement during story time, but really, Big Bear didn’t mind!”

— Skittles the Elf

“We posed for a picture in front of the Christmas Tree with a few of our new stuffy friends to celebrate them accepting our request that they help us promote the Children Helping Children Toy Drive. What a relief!! Sometimes toys think we elves are bossy, but these stuffies have big hearts and were very excited to be a part of this important project.”

— Nutmeg the Elf

“Um, yes, we then had a sword fight with candy canes and built a crazy cool blanket fort…I’m not sure how that was helpful in any way, but it was sure was fun!”

— Jack the Elf

“We knew it was almost time for bed so we played a few games and then raced the rolling chairs across the floor (please ignore the small crash) before we tucked our new friends in tightly under the tree to wait for their students to arrive in the morning. We are sure the stuffies will help our students to purchase a new gift for local children in need of toys to love this Christmas!”

— Nugget the Elf