You are currently viewing Ebola (and other) Virus Update

Saint Mary’s School is monitoring the outbreak of new strains of viruses throughout the world, (see latest information from the State Health Department)  and is making plans to react to any threat of potential harm to our students and families.  In addition to our routine preventative measures (washing hands, students with fevers remaining at home, training teachers and staff) we have developed a protocol in light of recent health related events.

International students seeking admission to Saint Mary’s are required to submit a recent physical examination report from a licensed US based health care provider before attending classes.  Students enrolling from countries known to be at risk for the spread of viruses will be required to wait the maximum incubation period for that virus as advised by the health Department and Center for Disease Control.

Our clinic nurses (Mrs. Farrey and Mrs. Theiser) continue to be actively in conversation with the health department as well as our own community of health care providers.  As new information is received, our protocol and practices will be updated and distributed to parents (please continue to check the website).

Please continue to assist in our efforts to prevent the spread of disease by

1)  teaching your student to wash their hands

2)  keep sick children away from other students during their illness

3)  remember that students may return from school ONLY after 24 hours of being fever free without the aid of fever reducing medication

4)  seek the guidance of the school nurses if you have any questions or concerns

Working together, we can continue to keep our students healthy and active.  Thank you!