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  • Cross Country (or XC) practice Mon-Thurs 3:00-4:00 through Oct.30(except for the meet dates listed below)
  • Sept.18 4:00 XC meet at St. Michael’s
  • Sept. 23 4:00 XC meet at St. Christopher’s
  • Oct.14 4:00 XC meet at St. Christopher’s
  • Oct.24 4:00 XC meet at Collegiate
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The St. Mary’s Cross Country team begins in mid-August and runs through late October.  The program is open to both boys and girls in 5th-8th grades.  Participating students need to be able to comfortably run at least 1 mile without stopping at the beginning of the season.
Practices are held Monday through Thursday 3:00-4:00pm, rain or shine. Students will focus on increasing endurance and distance in running, as well as strengthening their core body.  There are 4-5 team meets during the week that all team members should attend, and optional weekend meets.  The meet schedule can be accessed here:  2014 Cross Country Team Meet Schedule.
In order to participate, all students and parents must sign a participation agreement that outlines expectations and guidelines for the team.  This agreement is included in the 2014 Cross Country Handbook.  There is a $25 fee to join the team. Technical running shirts with the team name will be provided.
Please contact head coach Lindsay Doyle or assistant coach Don Jean with questions.
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The 2014 season of Cross Country (XC) has gotten off to a good start.  Team members are increasing their endurance and core strength, and are getting stronger each week!  The first XC team meet is Thursday, Sept.18 at St. Michael’s at 4:00.  The students will run a 2.5k course, which is approximately 1.55 miles.  We are ready!
Several XC team members are planning to run the inaugural St. Mary’s Go Forth 5k on Saturday, Sept.20 at Deep Run Park.  Other team members will be volunteering to make sure this running event is a success!
There are three other regular season weekday meets, and several weekend meets that students have the opportunity to participate in.  The XC meet schedule can be accessed here: 2014 Cross Country Team Meet Schedule.
For complete information about how the team works, please read the team handbook here, or contact head coach Lindsay or assistant coach Don