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As the winter progresses, a reminder of the procedure used to communicate inclement weather decisions. Weather is monitored carefully, however decisions are not made on forecasts, only actual inclement weather. Depending on conditions, monitoring of the current conditions begin at approximately 4:30 AM. By 5:30 AM, a decision is made, starting the communication procedure in motion.
The decision is communicated in this order:
1) Critical staff is notified, including Kitchen and Custodians.
2) Text messages are sent. To sign up for text messages, please see the website at:
3) The website home page is updated with announcement.
4) The Phone message is updated at 740-1048. Please press option 9 for updated closing information.
5) Faculty are notified by email.
6) TV Channels 6, 8 and 12 are notified.

Please be reminded that the decision to open, close or delay school opening is based on the conditions at Saint Mary’s. If you believe it unsafe to travel to Saint Mary’s, please use your best judgement.