SMCS – Wisemen’s Purse

Wisemen's Purse   The Wise Men’s Purse is a community collection that will be distributed among Saint Mary’s Catholic School faculty and staff in celebration of Christmas. This collection is a fair and equitable way to share the generosity of many, and to do so in a manner in accordance with the giving policies set forth by the Diocese of Richmond. While individual classroom teachers are readily identified by students as “their” teacher, each teacher is supported by colleagues who create a loving and caring team. It…


SMCS – District Choir Delegates From Saint Mary’s

District Choir Delegates from Saint Mary's:   Congratulations!! to Sam E. (7th) and Jane W. (8th) for being selected for District I Choir! They and 3 other talented students went to Holman Middle School Saturday November 3rd to audition. This is a very select choir; only 150 Middle school students were invited to participate!  They will travel to Hanover HS on February 8 and 9 to rehearse with the other students around the district and will have the wonderful opportunity to perform with a guest conductor. Well…


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