MYP Newsletter- 2/8/16

***Special Note on Enrichment Opportunity*** Dear Families, The Summer Regional Governor’s School at the MathScience Innovation Center offers a summer program for gifted students currently enrolled in grades 6-8. It is supported by the state of Virginia and the school boards of the MathScience Innovation Center’s consortium school divisions and therefore free to all students chosen for the program. Please see the below link for more information. Thank you, Sheila Olesen Saint Mary’s Enrichment Teacher   Language and Literature- Mr. Schaefer   6th Grade Literature…


MYP Newsletter 5/8/2105

Language and Literature- Mr. Schaefer 6th Grade-  Percy’s quest continues and has more excitement to come.  Speaking of excitement, there will be a quiz on Percy Jackson on Wednesday!   7th Grade-  Bilbo and company seem to be getting in one mess after another on their journey to the Lonely Mountain.  Our journey through the book will take a break on Wednesday when we have a quiz on the book.   8th Grade-  We should wrap up our studies of clauses on Tuesday.  They will take…


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My website is still active but I will be moving things over to this blog. In the following few months the course of study will be 8th- Atmosphere, Meteorology and Oceanography 7th- Human body 6th - Earth's energy resources, Energy of life and Genetics


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