You are currently viewing Calendar Requirements ~ 2015-2016 School Year

Saint Mary’s has received [on January 7, 2015] the following instructions for preparation of the 2015-2016 school year calendar from the office of Catholic Schools.  The calendar will be prepared utilizing these instructions and will be published mid-April, 2015.

We [Office of Catholic Schools] are requiring that all diocesan and parish schools start school the week of August 24th. We also expect that Christmas and Easter vacations will be the same for each one of our schools as noted on the calendar. You [Saint Mary’s] can have your start date anytime during the week of the August 24th.

There are a few other reminders for the development of your own calendars:

· You must schedule 183 instructional days

· You are only allowed to have 10 half days

· To maximize instructional time, please do not schedule early dismissals weekly; if you do so monthly, those are your half days

· You must have at least the equivalent of 10 full professional development days (20 half days, 10 full days, or some combination of both)

Deadline for submission of your calendar is no later than April 15th. After this date, your calendar is deemed late.