Why choose Saint Mary’s?

Fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Susan Trout, is also a parent to two children who are now alumni of Saint Mary’s Catholic School. Listen to her reflections on our community and the continuity provided by our K-8 experience.
Current parent, Mrs. Joyce Park, talks about her two daughters’ experience at Saint Mary’s–including her eldest daughter’s transition as a transfer student in 2nd grade.
Mr. Scott Schaefer wears many hats at Saint Mary’s including Elementary School parent, Middle School teacher and athletic director. Listen to his thoughts on how sports help students to develop friendships and memories at Saint Mary’s.

Welcoming Junior Kindergarten through 8th Grade Students

Acceptance to St. Mary’s Catholic School is based upon space availability and contingent upon a review of the student’s readiness and academic records.

Re-enrollment for current students begins in January (January 15 – January 31) after which time registration will be open to new enrollments from the parish.  Enrollment for non-parishioner Catholics will begin the third week of February.  Enrollment will open to the community in general on March 1.

Applicants for new enrollments will be accepted continuously.  Applications will be considered for openings on a first-come, first evaluated basis per the above time-schedule.

Registration forms and fees are not accepted unless an opening exists in the appropriate grade.  Students are added to a waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis according to the criteria listed above.

Mid-year Applications

Students wishing to enroll at St. Mary’s during the year should contact the office.  Students moving into the area will be evaluated and offered enrollment if openings are available.  Preference is given to students whose siblings have been accepted at St. Mary’s and students transferring from an out-of-area Catholic School.


Contracts regulating school attendance are required by the Diocese of Richmond.

Questions & Virtual Open House Recording

If you have any questions about admission procedures or registration at St. Mary’s Catholic School, please contact Mrs. Anne Leigh Bisese, Director of Admissions, at admissions@saintmary.org or 804-740-1048. She will be happy to speak with you.

You can also access a recording below of our latest Virtual Open House session that gives a comprehensive overview of how our school has adjusted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.