Our school counselor, Anna Borrelli, (aka Ms. Anna) provides one-on-one student support, classroom programming and community events focused on mental health and kindness.

PeaceMaker Program: A Spiritual Solution for Preventing Bullying

Love one another. A simple commandment. One that is central to all that we do at Saint Mary’s. But as simple as the commandment is, we often fail and need to be reminded. As students grow and learn, they too need to be reminded that respect for others and care for each other is not optional – it is a core value of our school. The scriptural-based Peacemakers Program is a yearlong set of lessons and activities used by teachers to provide students with the skills and understanding to prevent bullying.

Parents are encouraged to learn more about the program (see Bullying – Mission of OCS) and reinforce the lessons. Beginning in September, a monthly theme is highlighted, scriptural passages are suggested, and instructional materials are made available to the teachers (see the school calendar for monthly themes and scripture passages). Students are rewarded for demonstrating their compassion and respect for others, and classes share information on how best to be true Disciples of Christ. In conjunction with weekly homilies, daily Religion instruction and modeling of appropriate behaviors by adults, the Peacemaker program is an opportunity to address teasing, name calling, gossiping, rudeness and bullying and help our students to grow into respectful, confident and loving adolescents.