A fresh look for our fresh, new books!

COVID-19 protocols eliminated some of the bright, fun fixtures of our library, but everything is back for the new school year and Mrs. Lavallee worked hard all summer long donating older books and adding books to our collection–nearly 1,200 new titles with an average publication date of 2018.

New self-checkout & additional hours for avid readers

We are also excited about the new self-check out station and expanded check-out hours beginning the week of September 7:

Mondays 10:25 – 11:07

Wednesdays 9:40 – 10:22

Fridays 8:55 – 9:37

Mighty Monarch Book Club launches on 2nd Tuesdays

A new Book Club is also being launched for all students and will focus on a monthly book that will be shared in the Friday Flash. Book Club books will be posted with recommended ages, but all G1-8 students who have completed the book are welcome to join the meeting.

Students must RSVP to each book club meeting. Parents are responsible for childcare or pickup after the meeting ends.

If you cannot obtain a copy of any monthly Book Club book, please check with Mrs. Lavallee; there are some free copies to pass around the school, as needed.

Library Page Program for Middle School Students

Library Pages is a lunchtime library volunteer program for middle school students (G6-8). Applications will be accepted starting in mid-September. Once selected, each 3-person grade level team will spend one lunch/recess in the library per week as part of this leadership and service opportunity.

Spring Lavallee, Librarian & IB MYP Design