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The heart of Saint Mary’s Catholic School’s academic honesty policy is our honor code:

“The students of Saint Mary’s are called to be honest stewards of our faith. Stealing, lying, or cheating will not be tolerated at any time. These offenses are against not only the school’s standards, but also God’s.”

Monitoring Processes:

  1. The faculty regularly monitors the classroom when formal assessments are given.
  2. All students are required to write out and sign the following pledge on all tests, quizzes, and projects:

“I will not steal, lie, cheat, or tolerate anyone who does. I will respect other’s opinions, space, and personal property at all time.”

  1. Teachers verify the authenticity of student original work using such tools as grammarly.com and smallseotools.com.
  2. If a student is found to have cheated, the sanction will be a demerit, per the student handbook. In addition, there might be other sanctions according to the teacher’s or principal’s discretion.
  3. The academic honesty policy is reviewed at the start of each school year.

This policy was updated in 2016 by the MYP Teaching Team, the HOS, and IB Coordinator.  This policy is part of the Saint Mary’s Catholic School Handbook.