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The purpose of the Board is to recommend policies consistent with Diocesan and state guidelines and directives for the operation of Saint Mary’s Catholic School – Richmond so that the largest number of students may be effectively educated in a Catholic environment and encouraged to make a deep personal commitment to Jesus Christ and the church.

The primary function of the Board is to develop and recommend to the principal policies in the areas of development, finance, strategic planning, facilities, marketing and legislation that will ensure the successful operation of the School.

For the 2017 – 2018 School Year, Board Members are:

Mr. Tim Layton, Committee Chair

Mr. David Kupstas, Finance Committee Chair

Bobby Ross, at Large abrjross@comcast.net

Jennifer Wheeler, Legislative jwheller@lawplc.com

John Barrett, at Large jaybarr395@verizon.net

John Costain PTO PTO.President@saintmary.org


Fr. Michael Renninger, Pastor