Administrative Staff

hess_brandon szd 4web
Mr. Brandon Hess
bisese_anneleigh szd 4web
Mrs. Anne Leigh Bisese
kelly_deedee szd 4web
Mrs. Denise Kelly
alipanah_camilla szd 4web
Mrs. Camilla Alipanah
heishman_heather szd 4web
Mrs. Heather Heishman
Assistant to the Principal & PT Receptionist
flint_lisa szd 4web
Mrs. Lisa Flint
Administrative Assistant & PT Receptionist
horan_tara szd 4web
Mrs. Tara Horan
School Nurse
thesier_lisa szd 4web
Mrs. Lisa Thesier
School Nurse
janus_jennifer szd 4web
Mrs. Jennifer Janus
Michelle O'Donnell
After School Care Director
villa_angela szd 4web
Mrs. Angela Villa
Segura Initiative Coordinator
garrison_gene szd 4web
Mr. Gene Garrison
School Chef
osborne_patricia szd 4web
Mrs. Patricia Osborne
Lunch Assistant

Early Childhood Development Faculty

harris_patricia szd 4web
Mrs. Patricia Harris
Junior Kindergarten Teacher
southworth_jennifer szd 4web
Mrs. Jennifer Southworth
ECDC Instructional Aide
beale_marshall szd 4web
Mrs. Marshall Beale
Junior Kindergarten Teacher
bourne_tracey szd 4web
Mrs. Tracey Bourne
ECDC Instructional Aide
peebles_pam szd 4web
Mrs. Pam Peebles
Kindergarten Teacher
turner_amy szd 4web
Mrs. Amy Turner
Kindergarten Teacher
tucholka_kathleen szd 4web
Mrs. Kathleen Tucholka
ECDC Instructional Aide

Elementary Faculty

mugford_taylor szd 4web
Ms. Taylor Mugford
First Grade Teacher
Mrs. Spring Lavalle
ECDC Instructional Aide
meadows_stephie szd 4web
Mrs. Stephie Meadows
First Grade Teacher
lee_kathy szd 4web
Mrs. Kathy Lee
ECDC Instructional Aide & Elementary Language Teacher
klein_leeann szd 4web
Mrs. Leeann Klein
Second Grade Teacher
reardon_denise szd 4web
Mrs. Denise Reardon
Second Grade Teacher
oleary_ellen szd 4web
Mrs. Ellen O’Leary
Third Grade Teacher
george_karen szd 4web
Mrs. Karen George
Third Grade Teacher
trout_susan szd 4web
Mrs. Susan Trout
Fourth Grade Teacher
valdepenas_lori szd 4web
Mrs. Lori Valdepenas
Fourth Grade Teacher
funk_jessica szd 4web
Mrs. Jessica Funk
benton_patricia szd 4web
Mrs. Patti Benton
Fifth Grade Teacher
woodburn_david szd 4web
Mr. David Woodburn
Fifth Grade Teacher

IB Middle Years Programme Faculty

dyer_gigi szd 4web
Mrs. Kathleen Dyer
IB MYP Maths Teacher
forkey_carole szd 4web
Mrs. Carole Forkey
IB MYP Sciences Teacher
slifka_jeanne szd 4web
Mrs. Jeanne Slifka
IB MYP Individuals & Societies Religion Teacher
maddock_jerome szd 4web
Mr. Jerome Maddock
IB MYP Language & Literature Teacher
schaefer_scott szd 4web
Mr. Scott Schaefer
IB MYP Language & Literature Teacher, Athletic Director
tuskey_pam szd 4web
Mrs. Pamela Tuskey
IB MYP Individuals & Societies Humanities Teacher
healy_jessica szd 4web
Mrs. Jessica Healy
IB MYP Language Acquisition French Teacher, Digital Learning Specialist
thompson_mercy szd 4web
Mrs. Mercy Thompson
IB MYP Language Acquisition Spanish Teacher
robinson_kathi szd 4web
Mrs. Kathi Robinson
IB MYP Physical Education & Health Teacher
tlusty_peter szd 4web
Mr. Peter Tlusty
IB MYP Design & Technology Teacher
Mr. Blake Choplin
IB MYP Design & Librarian
dunham_holly szd 4web
Mrs. Holly Dunham
IB MYP Visual Art Teacher
moretty_danielle szd 4web
Mrs. Danielle Moretti
IB MYP Visual Music Teacher
lamb_karen szd 4web
Mrs. Karen Lamb
IB MYP Maths Teacher
olesen_shelia szd 4web
Mrs. Shelia Olesen
Accelerated, Enrichment Teacher
murray_beth szd 4web
Mrs. Beth Murray
Resource Teacher

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