As found in the Policy Manual of the Diocese of Richmond’s Office of Catholic Schools, section [iv]:


Catholic Schools administered under the authority of the Catholic
Diocese of Richmond comply with those constitutional and
statutory provisions, as may be specifically applicable to the
schools, which prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color,
sex, age, marital status, handicap or disability, national origin, or
citizenship in the administration of their educational, personnel,
admissions, financial aid, athletic and other school administered

The Diocese reserves the right, however, to
determine whether and under what circumstances priority should be given to
Catholics for certain employment positions. In addition, for
Catholic employees, conformance with religious tenets of the
Catholic faith is a condition of employment, and all employees
may be prohibited from performing, teaching or advocating in the
workplace any practices of doctrines which are inconsistent with
religious tenets of the Catholic faith. Consistent with the
foregoing, it is the policy and practice of the Diocese of
Richmond and the parish to provide equal employment
opportunity in employment, promotions, wages, benefits, and all
other privileges, terms and conditions of employment.

This policy does not preclude the existence of single sex schools,
nor does it conflict with the priority given to Catholics for
admission as students. This policy also does not preclude the
ability of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond to undertake and/or
enforce appropriate actions with respect to applicants or students
who teach or advocate on school property or at school functions
any practices or doctrines which are inconsistent with religious
tenets of the Catholic faith.

The administration, faculty and staff of Saint Mary’s Catholic School
supports, complies with, and is governed by this policy.