You are currently viewing 3 Quarters Down; 1 To Go!

If you feel like days are longer, but weeks are shorter, you’re not a victim of leprechaun shenanigans…Indeed, thanks to daylight savings adjustments and several school holidays over the next few weeks, time seems to be passing ever more quickly at Saint Mary’s Catholic School!

We’ve already hit many milestones together despite this year looking and feeling far different than those we have ever experienced before. And somehow, as of today, we find ourselves with just one more grading period before the end of the school year. The countdown to Holy Week and Spring Break has also begun!

Amidst the blur of frenzied Spring activity, a few big events literally “pop” out from the rest. The Shadow Stations of the Cross, was a somber yet joyful event marking a year since the start of the pandemic, but also the slow beginning of a return to normalcy as parents were allowed to attend this year’s performance in limited numbers. And speaking of “pop,” Mrs. Dunham has worked with students to create smaller versions of some amazing 3-D paper art that allows learners to explore bold color, positive and negative space and the magic of paper folding. And while our Wax Museum remained virtual for safety reasons, our student’s amazing efforts really brought their study of historical biographies to life!

A link to the complete Virtual Wax Museum video experience was sent to parents via email earlier this week.

Inside Saint Mary’s we are both reflecting on the 3 quarters that are in the rearview mirror and planning for the final quarter of our student’s academic and spiritual growth. We know that social distancing and COVID mitigation can sometimes make parents feel adrift on their own life rafts. So please take advantage of next Tuesday’s opportunity to connect face-to-face, albeit virtually, with Mr. Hess and other interested parents at our third Principal’s Coffee. All current parents will receive an email invitation with the Zoom link from Principal Hess shortly before the 9am start.

Archived recordings of virtual Principal’s Coffee meetings can be found on our school’s YouTube channel if you are not able to attend LIVE sessions.