30 May

The PTO announces the formation of a Saint Mary’s school communication committee, co-chaired by Melissa Hopkins and Heather Crouch. The PTO Newsletter May 2014 that commemorates the end of the school year is our first venture toward capturing all of the wonderful information from various sources at Saint Mary’s. Please continue to refer to the school website for your main information resource, as this newsletter is intended to supplement, not replace, that important source.  As well, please be patient as we continue to work through technology and formatting scenarios…feedback is welcomed. Thanks so much!

The following are links and emails contained in the file to allow for active linking:

Online calendar: http://www.mychurchevents.com/calendar/calendar.aspx?ci=G1G1L6J4K5H2N8N8H2&igd=95030074

Virtus registration: http://www.saintmary.org/pto-events/virtus-training/   

Summer camps registration form: http://www.saintmary.org/now-registering-for-saint-marys-summer-camps/


Here are email addresses:

Kathy Lee klee@saintmary.org

Kelly Taylor  ktaylor@saintmary.org

Jennifer Joss, President jossjennifer@gmail.com  

Kim Graham, Vice President kim.ethangraham@gmail.com

Leslie Ferree, Secretary  lferreeschrier@msn.com

Dominica Pegram, Treasurer kopegram@yahoo.com