Saint Mary’s School uses FACTS SIS Parent Alert to manage emergency and weather related information texts to school parents.

Step 1:  Parent information, including a cell phone number, must be in the RenWeb student/parent  information system.  Once a family has been entered into the system by the office, the demographic information is self managed.   If you are unable to access family information, please contact the office for assistance.  Instructions on how to manage family demographic information are available on the ParentsWeb information webpage.

Step 2:  Enter the cell phone number you wish to have a text message sent to for each parent in the family demographic information.  If you change cell phone numbers, please enter the new number.

Step 3:  Under Parent Preferences, you must click on the YES radio button for Parent Alert: Cell Number.  Instructions for Parent Alert Cell Number Entry

Please contact the office if you are not receiving text messages as expected.