03 Nov

Many thanks to the fantastic parents who have volunteered in the lunchroom so far this year. There have been regulars, one time sign-ups, last minute subs and drop-ins! We couldn’t run this great service to students, teachers and kitchen staff without the fabulous, generous parents!!!

Lunch Team consists of at least 2-3 parent volunteers signed up online in 1 or 2 shift increments. We have many regular volunteers on either weekly or monthly basis.

Any holes are filled in on a monthly basis by one grade level per month.

November is assigned to 2nd Grade

December is assigned to Middle School (6th, 7th, and 8th)

January is assigned to 3rd Grade

February is assigned to 4th Grade

March is assigned to Middle School

April is assigned to 4th Grade

May is assigned to 5th Grade

June is assigned to Kindergarten

Questions: contact Erika Glass – erika.glass@gmail.com